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WeThink offer integrated communication solutions that create preference, contribute to increased sales and establish strong relationships to your customers.


Integrated communication solutions means communicating from one mindset: All communication actions linked together making the total sum greater than its parts. That’s how you increase your communication power in a fiercely competitive market.
At WeThink we work with clients who want to challenge traditional thinking and who expect strong integrated solutions, whether it is about branding, promotional and digital activities.
WeThink CIA: Context, Insight, Action


The right message at the right time and place. That’s how WeThink make sure you communicate with precision and relevance to your customers. Communicating at the right time and place and creating relevance to the context they´re in ensure that they will be open and receptive to your message.


We believe that people’s lives, attitudes and dreams are important sources to creating business- and communication strategies that make strong results for our clients. Working from a nuanced and empathic understanding of people and target groups, combined with their contextual behavior, we create unique communication based on insights gathered from many different channels and ways of thinking.


The platform doesn’t dictate the communication
– it’s the other way around. Insight and context uncover the optimal choice of media and action – from social media, in-store, in-the-street to print, radio or national tv. Or something completely different! When customers feel themselves seen in the right way by your message, they respond positively.




The Nordics – Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland – is a culturally and economically coherent region with roughly 26 million inhabitants. Our strong local presence in each country ensures precise cultural adaptation, seamless campaign execution and cost-effective synergies across all markets.
Experience is knowing what you’re dealing with and knowing how to deal with it. Experience is knowing what works and what doesn’t work – and when it does and does not. Experience is eliminating unpleasant surprises.
Jan Larsen

Jan Larsen

Creative Director

Educated as a graphic designer from the Danish School of Arts and Design Jan has worked as creative director at several of the leading network agencies as well as in agencies in London working on Scandinavian and global brands with everything from strategy and creative development and implementation.

Ghita Algreen Holst

Ghita Algreen Holst

Strategic Director

Educated as a communications designer in Munich with several years of experience on the client side in Germany Ghita has worked as partner and creative director on several national, Scandinavian and international agencies in Copenhagen. She holds an ICC coach degree and a Concern management training.

Patrik Thelin

Patrik Thelin

Managing Director

An experienced managing director and partner in national and international agencies and with several years of experience on the client side Patrik has challenged with new ways of thinking in retail and consumer behavior for local and global brands focusing on strategic development and implementation across communication channels.

WeThink across all creative expressions.
We find inspiration in music, art and new trends in graphic design and communication platforms. We work with young talents in these areas. They spar with us and inspire us.


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