Integrated communication means communicating from a razor-sharp, yet basic mindset: the communication is executed according to the various platforms, but always in line with the overall strategy. It makes your key message stronger, than if the individual concepts are communicated separately. Also it increases the power of your communication in a market with continuously, intensifying competition.

We do:

Strategy - We start by asking questions that are based on business understanding and market insight. We don’t seek the answers you want; we seek the answers that are true and relevant for you. Those answers support and can create a strong point of reference for your strategy.

Concept - We develop concepts with plenty of mileage. This is essential for any concept worth its salt. A strong concept must be inclusive, too – without losing one inch of accuracy. And it must be unique.

Digital - We think across digital disciplines from SEO/SEM to data collection, retargeting, and RTB – we identify those digital activities that make a vital impact.

Social - We identify the strong subjects that ignite desire and inspire your audience to interact, share, and spread your message.

Media - We think content first. Then, we select the ideal and most effective channels. We mix and think across new channels.

Production - We carry every production safely and efficiently through every stage: from print to digital; from film to outdoor. Always meeting our deadlines, of course.

At WeThink we work with clients who would like to challenge traditional thinking, and who strive for strong, knowledge-based solutions – whether it’s branding or sales-generating communication. Using WeThink’s CIA model – Context, Insight, Action – and the necessary data, we ensure an optimal starting point for solving any problem, most effectively.

The Nordic countries – Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland – are culturally and economically a coherent region, with about 26 million inhabitants. WeThink’s strong local presence in the Nordic countries ensures that our clients’ communicative solutions are to the point, and culturally adapted. We provide smooth campaign executions and cost-effective synergies, across all Nordic markets.

Nordic presence:



Kompagnistræde 21, 1208 Copenhagen K. Denmark



Holtegata 24, 0355 Oslo. Norway



Gävlegatan 22, 113 30 Stockholm. Sweden


Östra Hamngatan 41-43, 411 10 Gothenburg. Sweden


Stora Varvsgatan 6A, 211 19 Malmö. Sweden


Skolgatan 1, 602 25 Norrköping. Sweden



Hermannin rantatie 8, 00580 Helsinki. Finland

WeThink reflects and works across all platforms, and creative expressions. Our starting point is human lives and the way people behave. We find inspiration in current trends e.g. music, film, art, and design. Together with our strategic partners, we seek to continually strengthen our knowledge and ability to advice in the field of traditional and digital media.

Fisherman’s Friend
IFU – Investeringsfonden for udviklingslande
KIF – Klimainvesteringsfonden
Lån & Spar
Prevent Active
Royal Canin

WeThink Work: SEB Kort / SAS

SEB is one of Scandinavia’s leading credit card companies; they issue trademarks e.g. Eurocard, MasterCard, and Diners Club. Together with SEB and the airline SAS, WeThink has enhanced communication and sales of SAS EuroBonus World MasterCard and SAS EuroBonus Diners Club.

WeThink Work: IFU

IFU offers consulting and venture capital to companies that want to do business in developing countries and emerging markets. The goal is to contribute to the economic and social development of the invested countries. WeThink has developed IFU’s communicative platform and created a series of campaigns, across different digital and analog channels.

WeThink Work: Royal Canin

Cats and dogs are as individual as humans. And, like us two-legged, they too should have food that is adapted to who they are and where they are in their lives right now. They are unique animals with unique nutritional needs. WeThink has created Royal Canin’s new communicative point of reference: Royal Canin − styrker hundens karakter.

WeThink Work: Abbott

Abbott is a global leader in healthcare. Since 1888, Abbott has had a focus on providing medical devices that make life easier for people with, for example, diabetes. Abbott FreeStyle is a series of glucose meters that was communicated to the Nordic market through suitable channels.

WeThink Work: Fisherman's Friend

Fisherman’s Friend is a soothing throat pastille, which gives a refreshing and cool breath. “We strongly recommend a Fisherman's Friend” is a communicative hub, developed by WeThink. Fisherman’s Kissing Test is one of several campaigns that were developed with the purpose of providing product knowledge in a fun and engaging way.

WeThink Work: ROCKWOOL

ROCKWOOL is one of the world leaders in the insulation industry. High quality and innovative products that simplifies workflows are always in focus, even in these campaigns. With “Enestående – isoleret set” WeThink has created a communicative point of reference that bursts with mileage – visible on every channel; from outdoor to digital, from radio spots to candy events.

Patrik Thelin

Managing Director / Partner

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Ghita Algreen Holst

Strategic Director / Partner

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Claus Møllebro

Creative Director / Partner

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